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So, I bought this book a few months ago. I bought it because although it's full of diet tips some of which I can't necessarily use, it also contains information on fitness, hormones and sex. Since it's written by two mums (sisters - Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett), one with eleven children and one with five, I thought that if they have tips for fitness, general healthy stuff and of course, sex - then the tips will be practical, easy and most importantly of all: they will work! These women are serious about being healthy and have made a LOT of mistakes, which they freely admit. Personally, I think that makes them ideal people to listen to, rather than someone who hasn't.

I'm not going to review the book except to say that every mum needs to purchase one! You can get a copy from The Book Depository for around $30 delivered.

I just wanted to share a few things from the book that I found amazing. I'm going to talk about sex again, so just scroll down past the two paragraphs if you blush easily or don't want to read it!

OK, so I was reading along, enjoying the usual stuff christian mums talk about in regards to sex in the chapter titled 'Foxy Mama', when I came to a rather interesting section titled 'Semen......Gotta Love it!'. Semen? What the? Pearl explains, "Semen contains many necessary minerals and it is loaded with zinc which helps to build your immune system. It has high amounts of vitamin C and B12 which nourish your adrenal glands and promote better energy and ability to fight disease. It contains three major cancer fighting agents. The first two are selenium and glyco proteins. The third is TGR beta (transforming growth factor beta), a molecule that can increase the number and activity of "natural killer" cells in your body. These killer cells recognise and then fight cells that promote tumours. All of these are rapidly absorped into your bloodstream after sex. Too cool!"

There's more - what do you think is one of the most absorpbent parts of the female body? Yup. The vagina. Where a wife receives her husband's ejaculation. I was amazed. It's like a health boost and health protector for your body -and not just endorphins- when you have sex with your husband. How incredible!

The other thing that I found amazing was that short bursts of exercise are better for you than long, drawn-out sessions. This is so cool for me to find out, being a bit of a slacker about exercise! So now, I can go for a 5-minute sprint four times a day and I'm done! The book even includes exercises you can do if you're that sort of person. I'm not. Yup - lazy. Running requires very little thinking!

Thirdly and finally - I'm stoked to discover that it's OK that my body copes with cream better than milk. (Yes, I know it's weird. That's just my body. You get used to it.) To be honest, I can't remember why they say cream is OK in your coffee, but I was overjoyed to read it! Interestingly, since I've been having cream in my coffee (no more than one a day) - I'm less hungry. It's like the cream is satisfying some deep craving inside my body for fat (which the authors also maintain is not bad for you if eaten in the right setting). Since having cream, I've had very few cravings for sugar. I used to have almost debilitating cravings for sugar some afternoons - fixed every few weeks with a handful of lollies that I have shoved in the back of my pantry! Even more interesting is that I now feel like I need less food to fill me up. I'm satisfied.

Having said that, I still can't have too much because dairy still gives me a mucous reaction. But I have a break every few days which keeps things at an acceptable level.

So, if you want to lose weight without giving up on chocolate desserts, treats and REAL food - then take a look at THM! Check 'em out on Facebook or Google them to find out more. I can't follow it exactly, but I do find some of the recipes absolute dynamite for my cravings (chocolate), without the yucky reaction and preservatives ingested from Cadbury's. I've even noticed that I'm less bloated as well.

How awesome does more sex, short sessions of exercise ONLY and cream in the coffee sound? Yep - very, very awesome!


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