I've got motion sickness from today's happenings.....

My day today has had big highs and low lows.....it's been weird. Doesn't happen often, but when I get a weird day, I really get a weird day!

Low: I woke at 7:50am after being up with Neve from 2:30am-4am this morning. Late again. Ben thought he set an alarm for me, but for whatever reason, it didn't go off!

Rushed off to school with no breakfast. Came back, attacked the washing and had a late breakky.

High: Big highlight was that Ben rang to say that our builder needed about half the amount of piers they thought they needed for the foundations of our home and so we were getting quite a bit of money to go towards other variations on the contract. Hooray!

Thought I'd lie down about 12 as all the children were sleeping...ahhh.....BAH! Woke at 3:24pm with a start, realising that I was 24 minutes late for school pick-up and that means my boy would have been stressing for 24 minutes about why his Mum wasn't there to pick him up! Raced over to school, apologised to the teacher and my boy.

Back to low!

Tired, hungry, but the fire needed starting and dinner needed to be cooked and children needed to be bathed.... *yawn*....begin jobs at hand. Let children play on the verandah with dress ups until it's literally too cold to be out there.

Ben rings again and casually mentions that he's bought me a washing machine that I've desperately needed for about six months now. WHOA! The exact model I wanted, too. ZZZiing! Up again!

Then he mentions that he has been asked to stay back late as there are too many crews out of Toowoomba. Another solo rush hour. Pfffft.

Things eventually even out when he gets home, I've managed to cook something edible and we sit in front of the fire eating while chatting to each other and the baby.

Hopefully the rollercoaster ride is finished for today!


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