A Little Ray of Sweetness......

I've hit the wall today.

Denna was up with vomiting and a temperature throughout last night, so I only got 4 1/2 hours sleep. My usual policy is if I get less than 5 hours sleep, I go into 'light duties' mode which means I stay home and only do essential child care and housework for the day.

However, I've been finding it hard to make friends (it takes a long time and I'm not good at it) and really miss mummy-friend company and this morning was my fortnightly MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting.

I was a bit disappointed to not be able to go, until Ben came off night shift and said he'd watch Denna for me while I went to MOPS and then did the grocery shopping.

So, I saddled up, got out the door and off we went!

However, Neve was unsettled because I had breadcrumbs on home-made chicken schnitzel last night and was windy the whole meeting. She proceeded to fuss through getting in the car and heading to the shops, me scoffing lunch and then through shopping.

Normally, I'm pretty calm and stubborn about getting stuff done, especially the shopping! But today I just packed it in and come home with only 1/4 of the groceries on the list.

Got home, collapsed in bed feeling rather flogged while Ben took Nevie out for a drive to settle her and pick up Matthew from school. I only got woken up by Denna three times for drinks and tissues. The rest of the time I was practically unconscious!

The best part of an otherwise exhausting day was the greeting Ben and I shared this morning when he came home after night shift. We've started it up again after being reminded of it the other day.

It's a cool and strangely difficult thing to do with your spouse....Ben and I read about ages ago, tried, then promptly forgot. Until today. It’s the ten-second-kiss.

It works like this:

When you greet your husband or wife, kiss for ten seconds.

It doesn’t have to be a passionate, chandelier-swingin’ rumpy-pumpy kiss (although there’s nothing wrong with those J).

Just have a kiss, close your eyes, count slowly to ten and share a moment together.

Sounds easy, right?

Uh-uh. It’s really hard to do! Ten seconds is a long time in I’m-too-busy-I’ve-got-dinner-on-the-stove-and-what-are-those-children-doing land……

But what happens when you actually stop and have a ten-second-kiss-greeting is that it reminds you of romance (remember that from before babies?) and affirms your marriage.

It’s only ten seconds, but goes a long way to reminding you and your husband of each other in amongst all the busyness of family life.

And for me today, it was the absolute highlight....a little ray of sweetness shining through a rather heavy day!


  1. Love reading your blog Julie. Although it does make me feel very lazy compared to your busy, nurturing life! Keep sharing xoxox


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