My Two-Year-Old Treasure

My Joseph is a delightful boy. He was by far the hardest baby.....but what made it so bearable when he was a baby who woke up multiple times a night for a year was that he had such a beautiful personality.

During the day time, I'd forget about the grinding fatigue and how I just wanted to scream at 3am when he woke up for no reason. He's just a caring and gentle little person. He's at that gorgeous stage now where he's walking proficiently, but it's still a bit of a toddle. He LOVES holding my hand and while he speaks sentences, it's still a bit of baby talk.

Reflecting on what I love about Joseph, reminds me of when Matthew was two and how much I loved that, too. He was a serious little man who would play for hours on his own and had a peaceful, serene countenance whilst still being playful at times. He was a true blue home body and was happiest when at home, whether inside examining his toys (he never 'played' as such) or outside throwing stones from the driveway into the runnel (drain) beside our house.

Matthew would stop to look inside holes in the gutters on our afternoon walks and he would notice the most amazing minute details about things. He would very matter-of-factly point at or pat Denna (who was a few months old at the time) and say, "Baby." - he didn't love her or hate her, she was just there. He was Mr. Matter-of-fact!

I have always wondered about the whole 'Terrible Two' thing. Everyone's children are different, but I think with my children, one of my favourite ages is about the two-year-old mark. Old enough to walk and talk but still baby enough to be scooped up for cuddles and kisses.

I'm going to miss having a two year old when Nevie turns three....

....because when all of my children (so far) have turned three, it gets really hard! They get really independent and start testing the boundaries. The testing doesn't last for a few weeks or months. It continues for about 18 months. Relentlessly! It's been quite difficult managing so many little ones at once but I pray that all my children will receive what they need in terms of encouragement and discipline through these formative years.

I'm a big believer in holding children in prayer firstly, then thinking about proactive ways to mentor them as a parent, doing your best to carry it through and trusting God for the rest.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to say good night to my lovelies....and treasure those chubby little arms around my neck, with his warm cheek next to mine.......while he's mine to treasure.


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